Maryland's Eastern Shore

From this page, you can visit different parts of the Eastern Shore as we add them, as well as experience some of Kent & Queen Anne's Counties' extraordinary events. You'll discover all kinds of cool pictures, videos, stories, history, trivia, .... plus who knows what other interesting things we'll add about this corner of the galaxy from time to time. You can try out some of our personal recipes, often with step-by-step illustrations. These aren't necessarily typical of the Eastern Shore, but are our own accumulation of tastes acquired in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, East Tennessee, and Maryland. The links will open to pages on Bill & Alyce-Kay's various websites,,, and Threshold Of Hineni, when we've built it. We're adding more to this all the time.  You may also sign up for our newsletter, and get Eastern Shore stuff sent directly to your email on a somewhat erratic and irregular basis. To begin exploring the Eastern Shore, click on the links below.

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Downrigging Weekend in Chestertown

One of the most popular and well-known events on the Eastern Shore, tall ships converge on one of the best preserved Colonial ports in the country for a weekend of fun, beauty, excitement ... and taking down their sails and spars for the winter. Click on the picture to look at some of these vessels and tour one of the ships.

Unicorn Lake, near Millington

Unicorn Lake is at the head of one of the streams (the Unicorn Branch, strangely enough) that form the mighty Chester River.  Click on the picture to explore Unicorn Lake, near Millington, and meet some four-footed friends nearby.


ENI2 (2)



Eastern Neck Island

Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge is one of our favorite places to go for a relaxing afternoon or even an entire day.  Check out our pictures, historical info, and favorite activities on this page.

Turner's Creek

The landing at Turner's Creek is now a launching site for pleasure boats who want to access the Sassafras River, but back in the 1700s, this was a busy shipping center.  Check out our pictures, historical comments, ideas of things to do .. and Alyce-Kay's misadventure on this page.

turner's creek (2)


Town of Betterton

Betterton is an exquisite little town, nestled against one of the most prized shores of the Chesapeake Bay. In the first half of the 20th century, it was a bustling destination. No longer swarming with tourists, it's a lovely, quiet and serene place to enjoy water, sun, sand, and history. Clicking here will take you on a tour of the town of Betterton and fill you in on its rich history, beginning with Captain John Smith in 1608.

Betterton History & Museum

We were very pleasantly surprised when we dropped in at the town hall in Betterton, which is housed in the old Catholic church. Everyone there was friendly and Mayor Donny Sutton personally came out to give us a tour of their small, but interesting museum. We think this is a great way to orient ourselves to a location. It's intriguing to know the history of a place, and what made it what it is today.



Betterton Beach

One of the most treasured beaches on the Chesapeake.  Betterton Beach is no longer in its touristy hey-day, which makes it an ideal place to get away and relax, enjoy the quiet, hang out on a beach that's not too crowded.  Perfect for young families, lovers, and novel-writers.

Coming Soon: Rock Hall.

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